Architectural debates are rubbish.
We’ve all been there: a panel of similar designers with similar views taking it in turns to talk at length about their similar work – too polite, too deferential, too dull. At best they are lukewarm love-ins, critically impotent, elitist and stuffy. Turncoats is a shot in the arm. Framed by theatrically provocative opening gambits, a series of debates will rugby tackle fundamental issues facing contemporary practice with a playful and combative format designed to foment open and critical discussion, turning conventional consensus on its head.

Schools out

7:30pm, Saturday 2nd April 16

Architectural education is stagnant, antiquated, and irrelevant. Greedy universities, chasing size, power and fees are accepting hoards of students with no prospect of a fulfilling career as architects. Generations of disillusioned CAD monkeys and copy-cats are churned out doomed to scroll vapid blogs, superficially emulating out of context. Time to turn the tables on our teachers, forget everything we’ve learned and start from scratch.

  • This debate will be held as part of the Novi Fokus Niš – International Architecture Film Festival on the 1st and 2nd of April.
  • The Panel

    • Jelica Jovanović

    • Nikola Andonov

    • Milan Stevanović

    • Borys Wrzeszcz

    • Moderator

    • Ljuba Slavković

    • 7.30pm
    • Saturday 2 April
    • Tickets are free. Booking essential.
    • Kupina Cinema
    • Balkanska 2
    • Niš
    • Serbia


    Turncoats is a project by Phineas Harper, Robert Mull and Maria Smith supported by the Architecture Foundation. For all enquiries write to hello@turncoats.uk


    Courtroom artists

    Andra Antone
    Peter Cross
    Greg Stonard

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    Kate MacTiernan
    Ellis Woodman
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