Fuck London

6:45pm, Thursday 7th December 17

“When a man is tired of London he has come to his senses.”

In London average rents now consume over two thirds of average wages. Our infrastructure is cramped and crumbling. Our air and water are poisoned. Cycling kills. Starting a new company is impossibly expensive. This is no benign city with posh coffee, but an oppressive antagonist sucking the political, cultural, economic, intellectual and architectural life force out of our stagnating nation. Regional pleading for attention is shrill and ineffective, but if bold professionals turned their back on leech-like London we could transform cities across the country. London gave up enriching your life years ago, it is time to give up on London.

The Panel

  • Lee Ivett (Chair) founded participatory architecture firm, Baxendale. His mode of practise is intensely generative, developing low-budget socially-focussed projects from scratch largely for working class communities in and around Glasgow where he is based.

  • Jayden Ali is an architectural designer based in London. He is director JA Projects, co-founder of collective Sacha Ren and resident curator of Diddy's bar and cafe in East London. He's the author of a masterplan which has transformed a school of children with special educational needs and created a model of alternative education called Pineapple Island.

  • Naomi Smith is Executive Director of London First, a think tank on a mission to make London the best city in the world to do business, where she leads the Fifty Thousand Homes campaign.

  • Caz Facey is a writer, organiser and connector. She is a Senior Account Director at ING Media and previously led a design practice Melbourne. She has managed the Stirling Prize and Royal Gold Medal programmes at the RIBA and most notably took first prize in an Architecture Foundation balloon debate arguing for the resurrection of Acid House.

  • Ambrose Gillick is a director of Baxendale and lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art. He recently facilitated the Back to the City conference - examining the move back towards the re-densification of post-industrial & post slum urban landscapes within the inner cities which was a doddle compared to his parenting duties as a father of six.

Doors: 6.45pm


Secret Location
London E2 8BD


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