Design The Wall

5:00pm, Thursday 26th January 17

Say what you will about a Trump presidency, it will be good for business. When the leader of the free world is a real estate developer, architects will still just be service providers, and that’s okay. Architects shouldn’t be political. Some of history’s most celebrated buildings were built under regimes with stomach churning track records. Getting upset about policy is a distraction from doing great work. Spare us your hysteria! Buildings outlast politicians.

  • 5pm
  • Thursday 26 January, 2017
  • $10
  • Inform Interiors
  • 50 Water St
  • Vancouver, BC V6B 1A4 CA

Original Sin

6:00pm, Friday 1st April 16

We deride the derivative, we mock mimics, we fear facsimiles. Why? Hollywood reboots movies, theatre directors restage plays, musicians make covers. The best cultural production comes from the clear consensus that iterating is inventive yet in architecture we despise copying above all things. Our elitist and egotistical obsession with cosmetic novelty necessitates the endless, pointless, reinvention of form, reducing architecture to a spectacle of super-size billboard branding. Is bad originality preferable to a brilliant copy? Bullshit!

The Panel

  • Clinton Cuddington is an architect and the founding principal of Measured Architecture Inc., an award-winning full-service architectural firm specializing in high quality, high performance modern buildings.

  • Fernanda Hannah teaches design and is the co-owner of Monzu and Hannah Design, a local firm focusing on residential and reclaimed wood designs. She has lived and worked in Barcelona, New York and Mexico City.

  • Javier Campos is an architect and founder of Campos Studio. His work includes several highly-awarded buildings, public art pieces, and competition entries.

  • Alicia Medina is a cofounder and director at the Laboratory for Housing Alternatives (LOHA), as well as an intern architect at Marianne Amodio Architecture Studio. Her work has crossed boundaries between architecture, interior design, graphic design, public space installation and craft brewing.

  • 6pm
  • Friday 1 April
  • $10
  • DUDOC Dutch Urban Design Centre
  • 1445 West Georgia Street
  • Vancouver, BC V6G 2T3
  • Canada


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